Welcome to Daffodillys In Birmingham

At Daffodilly's we believe that freshness is best and that quality is far superior to quantity! We are a family run business based right in the heart of a little Quaker village called Bournville and are a two minuite walk from the famous Cadburys...

We source the highest quality flowers from all over the world, such as tulips from Spalding in Linconshire to Proteas from South Africa, so if you require something specific, just let us know and we will try our hardest to aquire it for you.

So if you are looking for something special, something different, something you...come to Daffodillys!

253 Mary Vale Road, Bournville, Birmingham, B30 1PN

0121 459 1091

Open  see below

Covid19 Update 16-04-20

Following advice from government guidelines Daffodillys will remain closed until we are told it is safe to reopen.

This also means my website will also remain closed as any trade is not acceptable.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.


I will review the situation and keep you updated thank you for your support keep safe. 


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